AquaLife Ponds areas of expertise…

We take pride in incorporating the latest science and engineering in water feature filtration to create crystal clear, low maintenance water features. As a matter of fact, it is a driving passion of ours! Our next project is not just another opportunity to do more business, but an opportunity to build the best water feature we have ever built; And we have built some beauties! As much pride as we take in innovative technology, we take an equal amount of pride in creating a feature piece in your home that is stunningly beautiful! We are a group of very creative individuals ready to build our next masterpiece.

Our contractor services include:



A licensed, professional designer is crucial to a successful water feature. A seasoned designer knows to take into consideration all aspects of the project- including budget, area size, area type(dirt, cement, rock, etc.), time available for the project and, of course, the clients desires.

On installation day our crew goes to work! Most smaller projects are completed in two to three days. Some fountainscapes can even take as little as a day to install. We pride ourselves on our clean work. Our goal is to leave the area tidier and, of course, more beautiful upon completion.

AquaLife Ponds is a California State Licensed Contractor, #976126.



Is your pond or water feature leaking? Need a pump or other parts replaced? Has your water feature been sitting unused? Does it need a clean-out or a complete redesign?

We are here for you! Because of our longtime experience in building, repairing and renovating water features we can typically resolve issues in a timely & efficient manner, which means savings to you! Trouble shooting problem waterfeatures is one of our specialties. We actually enjoy the problem solving process and it is important to us that waterfeatures function properly. We end up rebuilding waterfeatures for a lot of different reasons, some good and some bad. Bottom line is that it should be done right the first time, and only by a licensed specialist.



Is your water green?

Your filtration is not working! A little bit of algae on the side is not a bad thing. It is typically coated with good nitrifying bacteria that is healthy for the ecology of the pond. What you don’t want is green water. That is usually due to improper filtration. Sometimes it can be as simple as adding a UV clarifier or more biological filtration and the proper treatments. We are good at assessing systems and identifying the problem and will get your water feature in tip top shape.



Call us today for a free consultation! We can inspire you with pictures of our past projects and give you ideas for your own water feature ownership.

Types and sizes of water features vary greatly, which means you can always find one that suits your taste. The more common water features include Ponds, Koi Ponds, Waterfalls(with or without a pond), Fountains & Streams. We are here to navigate you through the ins & outs of each type water feature and what is required for it’s upkeep.

Water features are aesthetically pleasing and make for an attractive gathering place. They naturally draw people in, making them a spectacular background to host events for family and friends and often attract local wildlife. Furthermore, the sound of streaming water has long been used for its calming effect, and has been proven to relax the body and mind.