Orange County Fish Pond

Orange County Fish Pond

Four Edges To Consider for Your Orange County Fish Pond


Water features are about way more than just the water.  While some people just want to add some rocks to a pond edge and call it a day, other appreciate that a water feature is all about the details.  AquaLife Ponds makes sure to look at the whole picture when planning an Orange County Fish Pond.  The edges around your water feature are just as important as the feature itself!

There are lots of things to consider then you are deciding what to do around your water feature.  Your outdoor living space is an important part of your home.  And remember—you can mix and match whatever materials you’d like!


 Orange County Fish Pond with Patios and Decks

AquaLife Ponds likes to remind people that you can go right up to the water’s edge when you design your outdoor living space You can take your patio, porch or deck right up to the edge of your pond. You can even have a portion of the pond with sand, so you can “wade in.”

Think about how you want to interact with the pond and your surroundings and then plan accordingly!  There are so many different patio and deck materials to work with—talk to us to see what we’d recommend for your particular needs and environment.

Varied Rock Sizes

You have a few options for your water feature when it comes to rocks, and again, it’s always best to mix and do a variety. For an almost beach-like setting, try gravel.  Animal and their owners all love this option.

To have a more natural look, we recommend some bigger stones and boulders. Boulders also provide appealing nooks and crannies for plants while also helping to easily define the edges.


Orange County Fish Pond: Flat Rocks

Flat rocks that appear to be floating above the water’s surface are also a beautiful design choice for your Orange County Fish Pond. They are beautiful to look at, but more importantly, they provide a nice, flat space for children to play and for adults to sit and admire the view.  Flat rocks make great steppers across a pond as well.


The Right Plants

We love mixing annuals and perennials for a natural look that you can change up each with each season. There are so many gorgeous plants you can use to accessorize your water feature.  Choose to decorate by season or holiday!  Christmas by the pond!  Here are some Aquascape, Inc. tips on what type of pond plants are best…


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