Orange County Pond Fish

While koi are beautiful and friendly, they are not the only Orange County Pond Fish  that can thrive!  Here are some additional Orange County Pond Fish recommendations…


Some people think Shubunkins may resemble baby koi, but they are different in size and markings. Most notably, they lack barbells (whiskers of sorts) that are found on koi. Shubunkins are hardy fish that can survive sweltering summers

The Shubunkin is a type of single-tailed, long-bodied goldfish that originated in China. There are two different types of Shubunkins . One looks more like a common goldfish, with a short tail fin. has a long tail fin, with broad tail fin lobes that are rounded on the end. The other one has a long tail fin, with broad tail fin lobes that are rounded on the end

Bred mainly for their coloring, Shubunkins often have a red, black, and sky-blue coloring … sort of like a calico.

Orange County Pond Fish

Orange County Pond Fish–Goldfish


For the newbie pond owner, goldfish are a great choice for getting started with fishkeeping.   Goldfish are perfect for your pond … resilient and able to handle all different kinds of water. There are quite a few varieties of goldfish, including comets, ranchus and bubble-eyes.

Orange County Pond Fish– Sarassas


Sarassas are very similar to Shubunkins in that they both have a similar body shape; however, they do not quite reach the same size as their larger Shubunkins counterparts. They are sometimes referred to as the poor man’s koi.

The Sarassas feature a white base color and brilliant red highlights. They are believed to be a cross between the comet goldfish and the red cap oranda.



Catfish are another popular fish seen in the water garden. They are commonly sold as scavengers to help clean up the pond, but they really don’t do that much of it.

Take notice:  these fish can become quite large in a short period of time. When they become large, they can cause trouble because they may start eating whatever they can fit in their mouth … including other fish! They DON’T get along well with others!

Maybe these fish are NOT the best choice for your water garden!

Learning about Orange County Pond Fish

These are just a few of the fish available for ponds in Southern California. For more information on how to take care of pond fish, click here. 

Getting to know the background of the pond fish you plan to keep as pets is vital to their survival and your sanity.

By knowing their defining characteristics, you will have a thorough understanding of how the fish will interact in your pond with other fish, plants, and aquatic life. Contact us with any questions.