Orange County pond leak

Orange County pond leak

Pond leak fixes

Need a Orange County pond leak fix?   No need to worry!  We have seen most things that cause leaks.  Most likely, it is not life or death when the water levels fall.  Hopefully it is an easily addressed leak.  If it’s a serious issue, we can help with that too.

What is causing your Orange County pond leak?

First thing to notice when the water levels of your pond are dropping—it might be evaporation!  When you mix the temperature, humidity and the amount of sunlight your pond gets, you may find that 1-2 inches of water evaporate each week.  Added to that is the fact that the more surface area you have, the faster that water is going to evaporate.

Another potential culprit for your Orange County pond leaks? Splashing!

Splashing can definitely cause water loss.  This is where you want to keep a close eye on the rocks and streams in your waterfall.  You need to make certain that the splashing is happening inside your pond liner.  If it’s falling outside the liner, try repositioning the rocks.

Another thing to watch—make sure there is no debris or clogs that are moving the water in the wrong direction. Leaves, sticks, and algae can divert water and send it outside the pond liner.

Check the edges!

Low edges are the most common cause of leaks. This is especially true with new ponds where the soil is still settling. If your pond was built correctly, these edges are easy to find.

Start at the stream and waterfall and look for areas where the soil or mulch on the edge are wet. If you find a wet area, lift up the liner and backfill some dirt to hold it into the correct place. You might need to move some rocks to do this, but it’s pretty simple. Work your way around your pond to make sure you’ve identified all problem areas.

When it’s a pond leak

If evaporation, splashing, or low edges aren’t the culprit, you most likely have an Orange County pond leak.

What to do first?  Turn off your pump.   Make sure your fish are oxygenated, though. If you have fish, make sure you place an aerator in the pond to keep oxygen levels up.

Let your water feature sit for 24 hours to help isolate the problem. If the water level doesn’t change in those 24 hours, you know the issue isn’t with the pond, but with the stream or waterfall. If the water continues to drop, let it keep going. Once it stops, you’ll know the depth of where the leak is located.

Take a hard look at the pond liner. Remove any rocks around the liner at the level where the leak is and see if you can find any small tears or punctures. Once you find the leak, apply a patch. Then, replace the rock and refill the pond. Done!

If you can’t find a leak, look at the water feature’s mechanics. Examine the skimmer faceplate to make sure it’s sealed correctly. The other option is that it could be the plumbing that’s leaking.

We’re your Orange County pond leak experts

That’s where Aqua Life Ponds comes in! If there is something major wrong with your pond, we can help.  Reach out to us for more information on how we can fix your Orange County pond leak.  We’re here to help!