Orange County pondless waterfall

Orange County pondless waterfall

Five reasons to consider an Orange County pondless waterfall


What’s the focal point of your backyard?  Whether you have no idea what a focal point is (let alone if you have one) or if you have custom designed your own perfect outdoor living space, we can help!  Create or upgrade your own focal point with an Orange County pondless waterfall. These dramatic water features can turn even the dullest space into the centerpiece of your yard.

Here are five things you might not know about waterfalls – and why you should consider one for your space.

  1. Waterfalls keep your water feature healthy

In an ecosystem water feature, you need a balance to keep clear, healthy water. Plants absorb excess nutrients from the water and fish eat up pesky algae. When a waterfall is part of the ecosystem, it does its fair share of work.

Waterfalls oxygenate a pond, helping supply fish with plenty of healthy, aerated water. The moving water of a waterfall also encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria that keep algae at bay. A waterfall contributes to the overall balance of a water feature, no matter the size.

  1. You don’t need a pond to have an Orange County pondless waterfall

Pondless waterfalls are a popular way to introduce moving water to a space without dedicating a lot of real estate to a water feature. With a pondless waterfall, there’s a deep reservoir with a pump that sends water into an overflowing waterfall spillway.

Then, the liquid falls back into the basin. Pondless waterfalls are an easy way to introduce moving water to a small space. They’re also a great option for people who want to get their feet wet but aren’t quite ready for a large pond.

  1. The sound of running water relieves stress

Anyone who’s ever enjoyed a vacation around water knows how soothing water can be. Running water helps us leave our stresses behind. But you don’t have to travel to find that kind of relaxation.

With a pondless waterfall, tranquility can be found right outside your door. Waterfalls also enhance the social life of a yard. You know how everybody is always drawn to the kitchen? Outside, it’s water features that act as magnets at any gathering.

  1. Waterfalls are low maintenance.

Taking care of a pondless waterfall is simple. You’ll need to keep an eye on water levels and top it off every few weeks to make up for what’s lost through evaporation. Add some weekly bacteria treatments, keep leaves and debris clear of the reservoir and … that’s about it!

  1. An Orange County pondless waterfall can be adapted to a larger water feature in the future

Pondless waterfalls are flexible. You can set one up with a small basin now, then easily expand your water feature in the future. Keep that in mind when you plan your waterfall. In addition to making sure it’s visible from your favorite spot, leave extra space just in case you want to add a pond later. Many people find that pondless waterfalls are the gateway to full-fledged water gardening!

Learn more about your own Orange County pondless waterfall

There’s a waterfall that’s right for you, and Aqualife Ponds can help you create it.

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